“My experience with Marie was extremely positive. As a busy professional in a male dominate world, I needed to define my style without seeming too young, while exhibiting a confident, professional manner. Marie met my needs and was so thorough. Going shopping was the most pleasant experience (and I don’t like shopping normally). I found it the best value (working smarter not harder). This was because she pre-shopped, facilitated sizing in the change rooms and mobilize the staff in the shops to help us out. I have had several comments about the outfits and styles that she chose for me. I have referred her to some of my collegues and they have had the same results as I did. Great work Marie”! – Marcia

“A friend recommended me to Marie, she thought I could use her help in updating my look! I was at first a little worried about what would be involved for a ‘normal’ guy like me to work with a personal stylist, but Marie was super-professional and helpful and she reassured me every step of the way. The closet visit was kind of fun, and it was enjoyable to discuss styles and colors with her. When it was time for our big night of shopping, we shopped for almost 4 hours and it was a blast! We went to lots of shops that I had never been in before, and Marie had pre-shopped for me, offering advice and assistance without going too far outside my comfort zone. I came home with lots of new clothes and put on a mini-fashion show for my wife. We didn’t buy a single piece that we didn’t like! I have since been out at social events with friends that Marie has also helped, and we sometimes take photos of our outfits and text them to her for comments! Since working with Marie, I regularly have friends and colleagues remark on how good I am looking, and I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me if I am working out or have lost weight! I have gained a totally new insight into fashion and increased my confidence when shopping for clothes – I am planning another session with Marie to tackle accents and accessories! I would recommend Marie to any guy who wants to freshen up his wardrobe and improve his look.” – Jonathan

“Working with Marie was one of the highlights of this past year for me. Before winning a makeover with Marie I never dreamed that I would have a personal stylist to work with me to find fashions that would actually flatter my body shape (I’m not a size 2!!)  Marie encouraged me to try on styles and fabric types that normally I would never choose on my own. She has a great eye for cut and colors that work perfectly together. I found my dream dress for my son’s wedding and received many compliments from family and friends on how well put together I looked. Marie can make anyone not only look great but also feel wonderful in what they are wearing.” – Brenda

“I am happy that I found Marie! From our first session together, she gave me the confidence to give up the things that were taking nothing but space in my closet and work towards building a professional wardrobe that incorporates style and trends! She helped me gain the confidence that I needed to be able to wear skinny jeans and leggings, because I know they fit me to a tee. Marie is truly professional, and working with her is so positive and fun. I recommend her services to anyone who needs a fashion boost!” – Nathalie

“I would recommend Marie to anyone who is looking for a style makeover or those looking to improve their current style. I have a very conservative wardrobe due to religious/cultural reasons and I have a tough time finding outfits that look fashionable yet are conservative. I usually end up just wrecking the outfits because I have to cover them up. I contacted Marie to help me out and I was very satisfied with all the help she provided to me. We went shopping together for 3 hours and picked out more than 6 outfits that looked great on! Marie is very professional and understanding, she ensures that you are comfortable with all purchases and gives her input when if you aren’t sure about something. She helps out with your budget too by ensuring that items selected fit your budget. Overall, a great experience!” – M.

From the first time I saw pictures of Marie on her website, I knew she was the stylist for me! Her use of color and style spoke to me immediately… and I knew that she would be able to get me out of my “basic black” wardrobe. While my black clothing was stylish, it was missing the element of color that would take it to the next level. My problem was that I didn’t have a lot of time to shop, nor did I know where to find the styles that I like, so I engaged Marie’s services to shop for me. She returned with an amazing array of colorful jackets, sweaters, shirts and accessories! Many of the items I chose came from two stores, so she was right on the money for an interpretation of my style! I am looking forward to seeing her again this Spring to shop for my summer wardrobe! – Linda Johnson, President, Black Swan Helicopters

“I am a father of a 14 year old girl.  I hired Marie in hopes of boosting my daughter’s confidence and help her express her own unique style. Marie exceeded my expectations.  She was extremely professional, personable and instantly connected with my daughter. My daughter learned how to express her own unique style in an age appropriate manner, feeling comfortable and confident with her styling choices.  In the words of my daughter “It was awesome Dad!” I would not hesitate to recommend Marie to any parent, her empathy and attention to my daughter was appreciated and genuine. – Signed, A Very Satisfied Father

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